What Is 5-D Printing?

What Is 3-D Printing?
Of course 2-D printing is as old as the written word, and is anything printed on paper or other objects. 3-D printing actually prints objects like a cup, toy, or even a whole house!

What Is 4-D Printing?
4-D printing is printing a 3-D object composed of smart material that changes shape on it’s own once printing complete. In other words it changes over time hence the 4-D. It can construct further on it’s own, adapt to conditions, make repairs, and even self-replicate.

So what is 5-D printing? It’s a 4-D smart material printed object that doesn’t just change one way but actually calculates probabilities to figure out the best way to transform itself to solve problems. It may in fact replicate similar objects in a variety of ways with a variety of designs to determine he best one either on it’s own or by humans testing the end products. Naturally such 5-D material would have amazing microscopic computers as they attempt to perform parallel Universe like functions playing out various mathematical probabilities. More complicated printing tasks would be performed by nanobots in the future.

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