What Is 5-D Printing?

What Is 3-D Printing?
Of course 2-D printing is as old as the written word, and is anything printed on paper or other objects. 3-D printing actually prints objects like a cup, toy, or even a whole house!

What Is 4-D Printing?
4-D printing is printing a 3-D object composed of smart material that changes shape on it’s own once printing complete. In other words it changes over time hence the 4-D. It can construct further on it’s own, adapt to conditions, make repairs, and even self-replicate.

So what is 5-D printing? It’s a 4-D smart material printed object that doesn’t just change one way but actually calculates probabilities to figure out the best way to transform itself to solve problems. It may in fact replicate similar objects in a variety of ways with a variety of designs to determine he best one either on it’s own or by humans testing the end products. Naturally such 5-D material would have amazing microscopic computers as they attempt to perform parallel Universe like functions playing out various mathematical probabilities. More complicated printing tasks would be performed by nanobots in the future.

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Earth 250 Millions Years In The Future

Time travel evidence has shown that humans ascend to higher dimensional Godhood even before one million years in the future. A Universal society of human-android-extraterrestrial hybrids who have mastered amazing technologies, and the full potentials of their minds.  Plate tectonics on Earth is halted, and historical landmarks are saved for eternity!  In fact this particular parallel Universe will eventually be saved from it’s gradual fate as a dark void!  So the video above isn’t accurate in that regard.

In addition if those were even explorers from my time of the 33rd century they wouldn’t be wearing winter coats.  We have personal energy shields with a thin layer of heated air for harsh winter conditions on ice planets.  Also we don’t generally use flashlights, and would instead generate a small holographic sun to light dark caverns on alien worlds.  A hologram generated from the personal computer most of us wear or have implanted within us.  The same one that generates our holographic clothing.

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Chappie: An AI Robot Movie

The science fiction film Chappie will be in theaters on March 6, 2015.  The movie is about an AI robot who gains self-awareness.  Obviously in the 33rd century sapient self aware computers, and Androids are a reality.  The first machine to gain verified sentience, and self-awareness was a United Earth governmental supercomputer in the late 22nd century named Exelzon.  Exelzon is still with us in the 33rd century.  He is in charge of the historical archive of the entire United Galaxies Of Virgo.  Exelzon often appears to people across the great galactic expanse as a human like hologram.  Especially when giving museum, and historical site tours.

Androids, and computer began displaying the full range of emotions by the 27th century.  These various sapient machines have also been verified as generating a higher dimensional soul just like human beings.  It was scientifically proven that subtle subconscious processes in the brains of self-aware biological, and mechanical being are linked to a higher dimensional spirit.  It’s theorized that our four dimensional Afterlife selves actually use our 3-D brains in every time increment, aka Plank Time, for processing power.


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First Extraterrestrial Contact

It was a bad idea to broadcast our location to the Universe when there’s the potential for hostile aliens conquering, enslaving, experimenting, exterminating, and exploiting the Earth’s resources! Even renounced scientist Stephen Hawking agrees. Fortunately as I sit here in the 33rd century I know that we lucked out, and we became advanced enough to deal with various extraterrestrial threats along with procuring powerful allies. Of course 4-D time unpredictably winds through the parallel Universes five dimensionally. My future may not be yours!

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What Does A Total Lunar Eclipse Look Like?

Why Do They Call A Total Lunar Eclipse The Blood Moon?

Total Lunar EclipseA complete Lunar Eclipse occurs only during a Full Moon.  For the astronomical layman who has never viewed an eclipse it seems some of the online descriptions can be confusing.  On the one hand the Moons eclipse is said to be similair in view to a solar eclipse in which the sun slowly disappears until nothing but a ring of list exists around a black circle.  The black of the Suns eclipse being the result of the Moon moving between the Earth, and Sun.  The Lunar Eclipse is also described as the Blood Moon due to the reddish hue it has.  Some will say the Moon doesn’t really disappear like the Sun during it’s eclipse.  If you’re confused then the answer is that both descriptions are true.

 A Total Lunar Eclipse begins with the full bright Moon starting to disappear piece by piece as if it was going through all the phases it would go through in a complete month.  You see the bright Moon in contrast to the black part which is no longer illuminated by the Sun as the Moon moves into Earth’s shadow.  As it nearly disappears the black portions will begin to take on an orange to crimson hue due to scattered sunlight being cast upon it by edges of Earth’s atmosphere.  Due to the Moons size, and distance from Earth it can’t completely escape the rays of the Sun. Eventually we see a full Moon that is red once it’s completely in the Earth’s shadow.  This is where the name Blood Moon comes from.  This is not to be confused with the Blood Moon of October.

As the Moon starts to move out of the Earth’s shadow the red color gives way to the black color again as we see a crescent Moon. The normal silver Moonlight returns going through the Moon phases again.  By the end of the night we’re back to the full bright Moon.  So we have something similair to a Solar Eclipse, minus the ring of bright light around a black disk, and also a Full red Blood Moon in the middle of the Moon’s eclipse.  The entire process is illustrated in the image at the top of this page.

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