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What Is 5-D Printing?

What Is 3-D Printing? Of course 2-D printing is as old as the written word, and is anything printed on paper or other objects. 3-D printing actually prints objects like a cup, toy, or even a whole house! What Is 4-D Printing? 4-D printing is printing a 3-D object composed of smart material that changes […]

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Future Space Vacations

By the mid 21st century travel into space for vacations, and adventure becomes common place along with people living on space stations, and even the Moon.

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The Home Of The Future

By the 33rd century most homes on Earth are holograms made solid by energy fields. Moving is as easy as powering down the central processing projector, and turning it on at a new location. However people may still own real solid objects such as sentimental keep sakes.

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