Earth 250 Millions Years In The Future

Time travel evidence has shown that humans ascend to higher dimensional Godhood even before one million years in the future. A Universal society of human-android-extraterrestrial hybrids who have mastered amazing technologies, and the full potentials of their minds.  Plate tectonics on Earth is halted, and historical landmarks are saved for eternity!  In fact this particular parallel Universe will eventually be saved from it’s gradual fate as a dark void!  So the video above isn’t accurate in that regard.

In addition if those were even explorers from my time of the 33rd century they wouldn’t be wearing winter coats.  We have personal energy shields with a thin layer of heated air for harsh winter conditions on ice planets.  Also we don’t generally use flashlights, and would instead generate a small holographic sun to light dark caverns on alien worlds.  A hologram generated from the personal computer most of us wear or have implanted within us.  The same one that generates our holographic clothing.

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