Galaxy Fleet Alert Status Indicators

The Future Logs Of A 33rd Century Galaxy Fleet Admiral

Facility and even Fleet Wide alerts are meant to inform everyone of a given general status so they may take appropriate pre-assigned action without being given direct orders.

  1. Green Alert – All Clear. No Alerts. Flashes green some minutes after a red alert to indicate the danger is truly over. A solid green light indicates any given area is 100% safe to enter.
  2. Yellow Alert – Heightened State Of Warning –
  3. Red Alert – A Status Of Danger –
  4. White Alert – Higher Dimensional Travel Or Phenomena Afoot (Includes Time Travel)
  5. RedWhite Alert – When A Ship Or Facility Is In Danger From A Higher Dimensional Phenomenon Or Entity. Flashing red and white lights alternate. It isn’t pink but is sometimes called the candy cane alert.
  6. Orange Alert – Facility Or Ship Under Construction. Often used after a ship or galaxy base is damaged during battle and repairs are underway.
  7. Gray Alert – Low energy conservation mode.
  8. Black Alert – All Power Cut For Stealth Mode. A momentary dim pulse of light is seen every minute or so to indicate an ordered black out rather than a malfunction.
  9. Blue Alert – Medical Emergency.
  10. Brown Alert – Toxic Emergency. Could be combined with the Blue Alert Medical Emergency.
  11. Purple Alert – Top Secret Activity Afoot. Those without the proper clearance must confine themselves to designated areas until Green Alert is sounded.
  12. Clear Alert – Facility Or Ship De-Commissioned or Abandoned. No light is displayed but at certain time intervals a soft chirping sound is heard.
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