Galaxy Fleet Ships

The Future Logs Of A 33rd Century Galaxy Fleet Admiral


33rd Century AD

Most ships are 5 sided and wedge shaped. Made of a new alloy known as Tricelleritanium which is translucent yet 1000 times stronger than diamonds. All its elements exist only on planets and asteroids many millions of light years from Earth. Special alterations in the alloy allow for total clarity for areas meant to be windows. Most ships run on an Energy / Anti-Energy Propulsion drive. When the two forms of energy collide, they produce a new Super Energy simply called Pure Power. If the process isn’t done correctly then it could actually produce a Big Bang that starts a new Universe! This pure power allows the ship to travel at amazingly faster than light speeds that makes travel between galaxies quite routine. The ship gets around the universal speed limit of light speed by creating an artificial field of 5-d space. There is also a 4-d field between the 5-d field and 3-d ship for stability and support purposes. Puncturing 4-d space-time directly and entering 5-d space is capable by all intergalactic ships. Progress is also being made in accurately traversing 5-d space to know exactly where and when one will end up in 4-d space/time. Once this technology is perfected it would be theoretically possible to go anywhere in the universe instantly with very little power. Ships are also capable of time travel and travel to parallel universes.

Type Of Ships

  1. Shuttlecraft
  2. Short-Range Transports
  3. Interplanetary Vessels (Planet Ships)
  4. Interstellar Vessels (Starships)
  5. Intergalactic Vessels (Galaxy Ships)
  6. Unmanned Inter-Super Cluster Probes (The Ship Itself Is AI With Android Bodies Available)(Supercluster Ships)
  7. Temporal Transport Vessels (Time Ships)
  8. Interdimensional Vessels (Dimensional Ships)

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Lightning in Ball - Galaxy Lights

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