Galaxy Fleet

The Future Logs Of A 33rd Century Galaxy Fleet Admiral

Galaxy Fleet is the exploration, military, industrial, and humanitarian aid corps of the United Galaxies Of Virgo.  A confederation of galaxies located here in the Virgo Super Cluster that was founded in the 31st century after the capability of intergalactic travel became possible within short periods of time.   By the 33rd century even better travel times spread the confederations territory to a little over 1/4 of the Virgo Super Cluster which included all of the Super Alpha Quadrant.  Its capital is Capitol City, District Of Oceania, Pacific Oceania, Earth, Sol System, Sol Sector, Alpha Quadrant, Milky Way Galaxy.  The standard galaxy ship is several miles long and wide and can travel at high faster than light speed via hyperspace access.  These gigantic intergalactic ships contain entire communities with large simulated outdoor areas complete with forest, streams, sky, and sun.  Ships are commanded by an Admiral, and each ship contains several smaller star ships that are sent out on various missions and are commanded by Captains.  The mini fleet of star ships is commanded by a Fleet Captain.  Each star ship contains several interplanetary ships that are sent out on missions within large solar systems.  They are commanded by anyone with ranks from Commander to Lt. Commander.

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Lightning in Ball - Galaxy Lights

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