The Great 12 Epochs Of Humankind

The Future Logs Of A 33rd Century Galaxy Fleet Admiral

< 1st Millennium – Ancient History

2nd Millennium – The Foundation For Future Advancement Is Laid

3rd Millennium – Interstellar & Intertemporal(4-D) Explorations (Current Epoch)

4th Millennium – Intergalactic & Interdimensional(5-D) Explorations

5th Millennium – Intersuperclusteral & Interdimensional(6-D) Explorations

6th Millennium – Interhyperclusteral & Interdimensional(7-D)

7th Millennium – Undetermined

8th Millennium – Undetermined

9th Millennium – Undetermined

10th Millennium – Undetermined

11th Millennium – Undetermined

12th Millennium – Attainment of Godhood – Unlimited Travel And Knowledge.  We begin to create our own Universes and sentient beings within our minds of disembodied pure thought.

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Lightning in Ball - Galaxy Lights

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