Future Foretold

The Future Logs Of A 33rd Century Galaxy Fleet Admiral

Future Education

Education and social interaction will happen within the safe confines of home with the use of virtual reality gear which immerses the user into a virtual world almost indistinguishable from the real world. Imagination will become an integral part of teaching thanks to the amazing exploratory freedoms in a virtual environment.

Future Entertainment

Surround Sight Holographic Projection Television – Turns the entire room into a virtual TV where you sit in the center of the action happening all around you. Seating in the middle can rotate with the action or as you choose. Optional 3-D printer can materialize anything being projected.

Interactive VR TV would be a cheaper alternative to holographic TV. Will become popular when glasses are feather-light and you barely know you’re wearing them.

VR internet – The virtual reality internet will look like real life with the confines of your interactive VR gear. Shopping sites will be just like walking through a shopping mall and social networking sites will truly be social with people appearing as real interactive person.

Photon projection directly into eyes…

Future Fashion

Hundreds of years from now when medical advances finally eliminate obesity from the masses and technology allows easy muscle building I think clothes will finally become skimpier for the masses as people take pride in showing off their finally sculpted bodies. This most likely preceded by an easing of prudish attitudes and shame over nudity particularly in the USA. I think next body paints will dominate fashion complete with neons, glitter,and 3-D art. Homes will have body paint closets were you program what you want or load a previous one and it paints your clothes on. Being nude is the ultimate comfort and body paint allows that freedom.

In colder regions however coats and winter gear might still be required unless personal space heat shields are developed. However once such a technology exists then holographic clothes will be a reality. Your clothing would merely be holograms generated around your body.

Future Government

If the common citizen can take back their governments then we might finally see real democratic freedom and the elimination of government corruption. Realistically however we might see a socialist economy mixed with a democratic political system.

Future Health

Cellular repairing nanobots will be injected into the bloodstream to reverse the aging process and and keep you at a perpetual age 30. All of humankind will be immortal.

Hopefully the rich and power elite won’t try and keep this from the majority of the populace. Or try to use the nanobots as some sort of tracking device or medical invasion of privacy.

Future Housing

A thousand years from now people might live in holographic homes where force fields generate solid surfaces.

Future Shopping

People will shop on the website for their local superstore for all their needs including groceries. You can take your time to browse every item in the privacy of your home and using a search engine to find what you need would be so much quicker than physically searching the store. You then pay online and print out a receipt. You make an appointment for pick up of your items using your receipt as proof of purchase. Before your appointment the items are selected and packed at the automated warehouse where you pick up your groceries at the loading dock. The automation will cut costs and bring cheaper goods to everyone.

With this system there is no need for Orwellian biochip implant type scenarios which seems to be what the powers that be want. Hopefully the greed of profits will win over the weird totalitarian power play.

Future Transportation

Hover cars employing power air thrusters will eliminate tires and the break downs associated with them. Magnetic hovering could be a reality as well with converted highways.

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