33rd Century Future Human Ethnicity

What Races Compose Humanity In the 33rd Century?
Future HumanBy the 33rd Century, we not only live in a global community but one that also spreads across the stars and galaxies.  This has resulted in all the races of humankind becoming one unified ethnicity over the course of centuries.  So a great many humans in our time have a shade of skin that lies between black and white with a hint of Asian eyes.  Although since immortality was achieved so many centuries ago we still have people representing the familiar races of Earth’s history. There’s also the ever-growing inter-breeding with extraterrestrial beings and even sentient androids.  Futurists have projected that the human species will become a true intergalactic race in centuries to come. They will form a new species of super being. One that is a mix of many alien entities along with biomechanical elements.  Even without major breeding with sentient androids, many humans already have bionic implants, brain interfaces, and nanobots flowing through their bloodstreams.

We also have knowledge of higher dimensional beings.  Some who once inhabited our Universe as physical beings but technologically advanced to the point of ascending to higher planes of existence as energy beings.  It’s possible that they could temporarily descend and mate with the future intergalactic race to more quickly facilitate our inevitable ascension to Godhood. This has always been the destiny of humankind and all sentient species in the Universe. To coalesce into one peaceful species that grow beyond the physical confines of our reality to infinity and beyond!



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