Whose The Main Enemy Of Humanity In The 33rd Century?

The Future Logs Of A 33rd Century Galaxy Fleet Admiral

Andromeda CitizenThe Andromeda Empire, a high tech monarchy, is considered our biggest adversary in populating, and exploring the Virgo Supercluster.  Unfortunately their Andromeda Galaxy is right next door to our Milky Way Galaxy, Capital Of The United Galaxies Of Virgo.  Adromedians are a large genetically engineered humanoid race of 8 feet tall with suspicious Nordic features that include blond hair, blazing blue eye, and fair skin.  It’s suspicious because they look too much like humans which is odd for a species that supposedly originated in another galaxy.  Their origins are also shrouded in mystery.  They are a deeply racist people who look to conquer other planets, and then either exterminate, or genetically engineer all humanoid species to appear as they do.  Despite their beautiful appearances most, especially in their government, seem to be quite evil in nature from our viewpoint but many simply believe that they are cleansing the Universe, and bringing order from chaos.

What’s even more suspicious is that they actually call their galaxy Andromeda which is the human name for it.  They also worship the Goddess Andromeda, but deny she’s related to Earth’s Greek Goddess.  The royal family of the Andromeda Empire, ruled by an Emperor, and Empress, believe they are descended from the Goddess Andromeda.  They explain their amazing appearances along with psychic, and telekinetic powers, as inherited gifts from the Goddess rather than genetic engineering.  They are a deeply territorial, and vicious species who are constantly challenging us for control of the Local Galactic Group.

Another adversary we face are the Cyborg Conglomerate which is a race of Corporatist Cyborgs who run their entire government like a mindless corporation that is hell bent on confiscating all the resources of the Virgo Supercluster, and outfitting all sentient beings with their cybernetic implants to act as slave workers in their corporate hell.  Their history seems to suggest that a company like our Microsoft grew too powerful, and the Artificial Intelligence they created got out of control.  Their government refuses to negotiate with us, and is always attacking at will.  Rumors indicate there may be a diabolical CEO, and board of directors who actually run everything.

An even greater potential threat lies beyond our own Supercluster in the Hydra-Centaurus Supercluster.  A race of terrifying 9 foot tall monstrous looking beings who seem to be humanoids who are part mechanical, plant, and ferocious animal as well.  We theorize they are the product of major genetic engineering experimentation to the extreme. They have recently been making incursions into the Virgo Supercluster which we take as a prelude to an invasion.  We have been able to hold our own with other extraterrestrials but the technology of these as yet unnamed species is quite a bit greater than ours.

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  1. Flyer321 says:

    Very cool website. is there any heroes in the distant future as well?

  2. Flyer321 says:

    where am I in the future?

    • I spoke with an extraterrestrial psychic from the Triangulum Galaxy who sensed you exist in the 33rd century. Apparently you have godly blood within you, and fought under the banner of the Earthly Gods in the battle of Armageddon which was hidden from a great deal of the world amid World War III which we call the War For Global Independence. A prolonged series of battles, and political revolutions that led to humanity finally freeing themselves from the Illuminati New World Order royal billionaire plutocrats, and their global shadow government. You gained the gift of immortality for your service. After pleasing the Gods for many centuries you ascended to Godhood at some point in the 27th century. You roam about the Universe, parallel Universes, and higher dimensions exploring all there is. In my time of the 33rd century you seem to exist as a being somewhat like that of Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Q. As do your other fellow Gods who eventually joined with Gods from other planets all over the Virgo Supercluster including Galactic Gods to form one race of higher dimensional super beings. Technically the Supernatural Secrecy Pact is still in effect however humankind’s advance to enlightenment revealed a great deal of the world of the supernatural.

  3. Flyer321 says:

    Did you ever discover some secrets about weight loss?

    • In the 33rd century there aren’t any overweight people. This is due to genetic engineering, and fitness suits that stimulate muscles, and duplicate cardiovascular activity to burn fat. Although many people get quite a bit of exercise within holographic simulations where they may partake of real physical activity amid a holographic environment. In addition our diet is the perfect bio-fuel for the human body with the perfect amount of nutrients, and little else such as excessive fat, and sugars. We can live off one to three food pellets a day, or integrate the pellets into a holographic meal. Some days I just eat bowls of holographic ice cream for all my meals.

  4. Flyer321 says:

    what am I known for

    • You’re not specifically famous but there are reports of your kind intervening to protect our reality from nefarious groups of higher dimensional beings who might look to enslave us, or destroy everything. Other than that you have a general non-interference directive to allow for the natural ascension of society to Godhood. When not protecting our Galactic Cluster from higher dimensional threats the psychic says any time spent in our physical world seems to be leisure, and exploratory in nature.

  5. Flyer321 says:

    also what do I look like?

    • The psychic I spoke with says you appear in a number of forms. As a higher dimensional being you can manifest into our reality as anything you like. You could appear as a rock, a bird, or the most handsome bastard alive. That’s the perk of being a God.

  6. Flyer321 says:

    why does it take a long time for the comments to upload to your blog

    • There was a temporal glitch in the website as the primitive internet of this time has trouble interfacing with the advanced intergalactic holographic internet we call the Holonet. I believe I’ve compensated for the time delay.

  7. Flyer321 says:

    what am I the God of?

  8. Flyer321 says:

    what does the future store in for my family (including my future girlfriend & daughter Flora & Lily respectively?)

    • Flora is a God with you, and Lily ascends to a higher plane of reality at the invitation of the Omniverse God who sends her on an artistic mission of writing new Universes into existence via her author authority powers.

  9. Flyer321 says:

    are you the future Xavier Remigimton? and what about Eclipse9222?

    • I’m purposely ambiguous about who I am. Some people think I’m Zack Powers, or his future ancestor. I won’t confirm or deny my identity. Eclipse9222 eventually becomes a high level Wizard, and then a Sorcerer. He has actually been labeled a terrorist by the Andromeda Empire when he became involved with the rebels who don’t agree with the regimes habit of exterminating people, and forcing genetic engineering on others. It seems Eclipse9222 falls in love with an Andromeda rebel, and he lends his magic to cause of freedom.

  10. Flyer321 says:

    what will be the future of my mom and dad

  11. Flyer321 says:

    thank you Admiral Powers for doing this also what are my powers & abilities?

  12. Flyer321 says:

    Are there any people who possess omnipotent powers that you know of.

  13. Flyer321 says:

    and what if Ringten! (the novel I came up) becomes real? other than that, I thought that you were the future Zach Powers or something, that’s why I wanted to know and will I be involved in any supernatural phenomena in the PNW (if you can tell me?)

  14. Flyer321 says:

    also what powers does haruhi Suzumiya possess & is haruhi Suzumiya real?

  15. Flyer321 says:

    What’s my future home like & am I middle class, high class or low class when I’m a mortal in the 22-27 century?

  16. Flyer321 says:

    If I’m correct, then Lily will actually be & earned this title: the real life Featherine Augustus Aurora.

  17. Flyer321 says:

    Also if I didn’t then please respond to this question: Will I develop a Omnipotent split personality named Luke via his author authority powers?

  18. Flyer321 says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Admiral Powers!!!!

    • We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in the 33rd Century. For a variety of reasons a number of ancient holidays have disappeared. Just as holidays that existed 1200 years into your past no longer exist. Although Christmas, Halloween, and New Years still exist.

      • Dark Christmas no longer exists on Earth, or within the United Galaxies Of Virgo. However the tradition of celebrating evil exists in other parts of the Virgo Supercluster such as within the Andromeda Empire where the Anti-Claus lives on his own cloaked planet.

  19. Flyer321 says:

    (Faceplam) NEW PLANET?!

  20. Flyer321 says:


  21. Flyer321 says:

    doesn’t that make you angry?

  22. Flyer321 says:

    My days have been fine, Im thinking that I caught the attention of my deity self for 2 days nows and I’ve got to. tell you the truth Admiral Powers: I am very exiteced to become a earthly God in the 27th century but just one problem: I don’t belive that the earthly to galactic gods will ascend or won’t have a choice to acsend to Omniverse Godhood and start their own universes along with Senitet beings. KINDLLLLLLLLY TEENAGER, THINKING ABOUT CHOICES AND SUCH. A lot of things has happen to me and mystic investigations. music can
    calm me down, my mind thinks and thinks about life in this 3-D world we live in. I’ve complained about being a earthly God because I want the earthly gods to have a choice to be able to acsend to Godhood. If the process is long, it’s torture for even angels to handle, if the process is too short, it ain’t fair, if it’s at the right time as angels or even humans,well you know the rest. I see that you live in the 3rd millennium (which only allows 4-D dimensional travel.) That awesome that you live in a terrific future as I’ll someday live to tell the tale. If I feel like I’m spoiled now that I’ve got this great destiny ahead of me, having a beautiful girl as a girlfriend & a omnipotent daughter. nobody will get me. I’ll be the one to say this at the end of the tunnel: I had a happy family for life. Admiral Powers, have you ever wanted to be more powerful than you can ever imagined? like a angel?

    • When outnumbered in battle I wished to be more powerful but things have always worked out in the end. I’m enjoying my every changing immortal life, and look forward to seeing society ascend to Godhood. Thanks to time travel I witnessed the rise of humanity from apes,and I hope to see the end that culminates in our ascension. Unfortunately there are laws against traveling to the future along with cops to enforce the temporal laws. However there are rumors of some getting through,and witnessing The Great Ascension taking place about 10,000 years from my time. I had always thought it would take millions of years. Although we were riding around in horse drawn cards, and fighting with arrows 3000 years ago, and now we’re traveling the Galaxies we didn’t even knew existed then.

  23. Flyer321 says:

    The 2013 winter concert with Mr.Chang was phenomenal, it was truly a awesome experience. Coffee ID great to have once in a while.

  24. Flyer321 says:

    I have one more thing to say: THIS TOO SHALL PASS.
    Gentle Jena- Planetarian
    Waiting- Ramiyah
    those songs will mean that I will no longer come back to this website ever after this comment. Now you can say “GOOD LUCK” thank you so much for restoring hope to my life

    • Flyer321 says:

      Last thing: My true Ultimate Dream (I will only reveal to a select few people who knows the truth) is for me as a single soul to be reincarnated into Dreamer A; a Royal Demigod who’s most used power is Reality Dreaming who is also a Guarded and has 2 symbiotic angels called Luke (Storyteller L) & Omega Jalka (Wisher O). That’s all I will reveal. It may seem impossible & unreal but a being omnipotent (of course in thr higher dimensions), there’s hope that this can be accomplished right? If only you knew what i meamt by symbiotic angels

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