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The True History Of The World Is Known In The Future

Secrets, Artifacts, Animals & People Brought Back To The Future Unlike the past we know the true history of the Earth in the 33rd century courtesy of time travel technologies.  Galaxy Fleet has a temporal truth division, within the Chrononaut … Continue reading

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Our Fantastical Future

Through the modern dark ages that saw the resurgence of global tyranny in the 21st century, courtesy of corporate plutocratic corruption, humanity made it to the promised land of a future utopian society.  The 33rd century is truly a free … Continue reading

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Is There Religion In The Future?

Not so much on Earth, and most of the advanced worlds within the United Galaxies Of Virgo.  However on primitive worlds religions still exist in widespread form to give people meaning to their lives, create a moral foundation to society, … Continue reading

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Future Human Hygiene

What is the average hygienic regime of a typical human in the 33rd century? More or less there’s virtually no tedious set of cleansing practices necessary to maintain health nor personal allure.  All cleansing inside, and out is handled by … Continue reading

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What Is Venus Like In The Future?

Future Terraforming Of Venus.  Do People Live on Venus In The 33rd Century With the completion of the Mars Terraforming Project in the early 25th century the much more difficult task of terraforming Venus began.  A project projected to take … Continue reading

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