Future Economy – June 17, 3210

The Future Logs Of A 33rd Century Galaxy Fleet Admiral

By the 33rd century, there’s basically no economy as you know it within our United Galaxies Of Virgo.  Advanced technology, suppressed for centuries, by the wealthy elite, made money and even precious metals obsolete.   In fact, the last world war on Earth was the fight of the common man against the PlutocraticCorporatocratic forces who secretly controlled the governments of the world. Luckily the citizens of Earth finally saw through the deception of their enslavement to these forces of evil who kept them divided against each other for countless centuries. People from all walks of life let their petty differences go in the name of freedom! They united against all odds to take down the global plutocratic regime and reclaim their respective governments. Out of that the first world government of democracy formed to set forth a millennium of peace, and prosperity that propelled us to the stars, and beyond!  A confederation of nations that kept all countries sovereign as a layer of protection against global tyranny.  A system of volunteer government that did away with the corruption of career politicians, and allowed the average citizen to represent their fellow citizens for a short time before returning to their real jobs.

The Economics Of No Economy

How do we have no economic or monetary system?  Firstly, free solar and hydrogen (extracted from water) energy powers everything on most planets. Our intergalactic vessels utilize other energy sources that are in essence free under our current system. Secondly, matter replication technology allows any individual to supply themselves with anything they need whether it be food, clothing, transportation, homes, luxury items, etc.  At first, this was done through 3-D, 4-D & 5-D Printing, Nanobots constructing things with atoms and now through direct digital conversion of sub-atomic matter into various objects. Thirdly, genetic engineering and nanobots introduced into the body constantly repairing cells ensure an immortal, healthy, and nearly invincible life which almost eliminated the medical profession. Most other service-oriented industries became the work of artificially intelligent computers and androids.

Land Remains The Ulitmate Commodity

The only real commodity left was land on Earth. Although, Terraforming and the discovery of Earth-like worlds became more than enough for everyone to have free land if they wished. The government gives any citizen free land to own for life on any habitable planet.  If a person wants land on Earth they have to volunteer for some type of work in either the government or a private individual who owns land.  Those who owned land during the economic transition got to keep their land no matter how much they owned.  Also, everyone is allowed to acquire more land every 100 years which generally become vacation homes.  After living for hundreds of years it breaks the monotony to rotate to different homes on different planets.  Currently, a person can only own one acre of land on Earth as it is considered the pearl of the Milky Way and the planet where our human species was born from. The only exception are those volunteering for theoretically dangerous professions, such as police, military, and in Galaxy Fleet, can earn more land.  Mostly though there is no crime as there is no poverty nor mentally ill individuals.  In addition, our technology and androids now make it virtually unnecessary for any large-scale risk of human life.  If a person wants to live on Earth but doesn’t want to work then they generally enter into a cooperative living arrangement aka an apartment complex. The government will give free land if a certain number of people agree to live on it. They then use their combined replication technology to construct an apartment building or smaller individual homes to act as equal owners of the land.  Usually, they all take turns being the de facto landlord.

A Life Of Creative Pursuits

So all these factors made the need for money and an economy obsolete.  Still, people pursue interests they love and still partake of many service professions for those who want a human touch.  Many things are creative based such as artists, writers, culinary artisans, inventors, etc. There are also those who volunteer for government and service within Galaxy Fleet which is the transportation, exploration, scientific, and military mechanism of the United Galaxies Of Virgo.

Socialism vs Zero Economy

This may seem like Socialism to you but it really isn’t as everyone is free to do as they please within our society so as long as they don’t bring harm to others.  Money simply doesn’t exist along with true industry or any need to work what so ever.  People enjoy each others company, pursue hobbies, educate themselves about their Universe, and explore the galaxies at will.  Everyone can pretty much live like a wealthy person minus the unfair corrupt influence over government which was the cause of government failing throughout Earth’s history.  The evil plutocrats and mega multinational corporations of the past were extinguished a long time ago.  If a person so chooses they can indeed get a large piece of free land and build a giant mansion on another planet.  Our Constitutional Confederation Republic, with a direct democracy branch, and other countless tyranny safeguards, provides all citizens with great freedoms to prosper and grow as intelligent human beings.  Technological advances grew exponentially once the corrupt governments and overly powerful corporations were removed as obstacles to humankind’s progress.

Capitalism Still Flourishes Outside The UGV

That being said there are other nations outside our United Galaxies of Virgo who practice capitalism and other types of economies.  Most however are like ours and have grown past the need for one.  The ones who still have economies and money are generally corrupt and ruled by plutocrats seeking to retain their power over the people and the resources of the great galactic expanses.  As they all have such immense territories, such as we do, there’s really no need for trade with them since we’re self-sufficient.  Although we have partaken of barter-style exchanges with friendly nations.  Mostly technology exchanges to strengthen our alliance against potential enemies who would seek to destroy our freedoms and impose their tyranny upon us.  At the end of the day money, and economic constructs are only there to prop up a minute parasite class that leeches off of humankind like a virus!  Even without amazing technologies, there’s still no reason humankind can’t agree to support each other, share resources, and volunteer rather than work as a glorified slave!


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  2. […] past the obsession for money, personal possessions, and the illusion of power. In the process, we shed any need for an economy as we know it. In the distant future money simply doesn’t exist! People work for a common […]

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