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The Future Logs Of A 33rd Century Galaxy Fleet Admiral

United Galaxies Of Virgo FlagI’m Admiral Powers commander of the UGS Earth which is the flagship of the First Fleet of Galaxy Fleet. Galaxy Fleet is the military, exploratory, research, scientific, diplomatic, and transport force of the United Galaxies Of Virgo (UGV) which are a confederation of galaxies within the Virgo SuperCluster. My log entries are backed-up here in your time from the 33rd century via faster than light (FTL) communications. It’s common practice to back-up databases in a four-dimensional fashion within obscure locations for security and in case of a major intergalactic event.

The UGS in UGS Earth stands for United Galaxy Ship.

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  1. Flyer321 says:

    can you take me to the future psychically right now?

  2. Flyer321 says:

    We nailed the homecoming show for Decatur high school, you should’ve seen it. Also we performed in the great opening of Macy’s. I like Jeff Chang, he’s more cooler than Mr.Sadowski.

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