How Are People Elected To Public Office In The Future?

The Future Logs Of A 33rd Century Galaxy Fleet Admiral

Paper Ballot Voting The Future Of Elections In The 33rd Century

The great wars for global independence of the 21st century were about citizens in all nations realizing that their elected officials never represented them but rather the plutocratic elites, and their global banks, and multinational corporations.   One method of these corrupt cronies staying power was election fraud through electronic voting.  Any type of electronic digital voting can never be safe because there will always be a hacking wizard to corrupt it.  So despite the amazing technological advances we have over 1000 years later in the 33rd century we vote using one of the oldest methods known to humankind.  Simple paper ballots placed in a box, and counted by hand at the local level.  It sounds ridiculously archaic but we learned the hard way that it’s a necessity if we are to elect real representatives of the citizens who reside within the United Galaxies Of Virgo.  It is a daunting task when you’re talking about electing officials at the national level, which in our case consists of countless planets, star systems, and galaxies, which in turn represent many trillions of people.  Luckily election times are turned into parties of a sort where a great deal of citizens volunteer to count the ballots.  There are also many forms of verification along the way up to the national tally.

In addition we have no political parties in the future.  Only independent citizens are elected.  Also without a monetary system it’s pretty difficult to bribe someone, or commit insider trading to build ones wealth so politicians stay loyal to the citizens who elected them.  There’s simply nothing to gain, and everything to loose by committing the treason’s against Constitutions, and citizens seen in the centuries previous to the 22nd.  Any citizen can enter their name into a volunteer pool from which random candidates for political office are chosen.  From there debates, media interviews, and public speeches weed out the favorites though polling provided by the independent media which can include common citizens as well.  All public servants at all levels of government serve extremely short terms which usually average 1 year in length.  Non-elected administrative positions in government are rotated with fresh people on a regular basis to prevent any type of dictatorial shadow government from forming.  We have no career politicians.  Although you can serve once on each level of government.  Theoretically a person can start out as Mayor of a community, and work their way up to President Of The United Galaxies Of Virgo.  However that would hardly cover a lifetime career.   Citizens in our time are volunteering for public service for a short time, and then they return to their real jobs.

I feel bad you have yet to get through the revolutionary turmoil, and massive wars you will face in the 21st century.  Just know that you will make it to the end of the ultimate rainbow where peace,  and prosperity reside.  Your sacrifices will result in an unprecedented utopian future where Earth is a paradise, and humanity populates the galaxies.  Don’t let your corrupted politicians sell you down the road to the standard dystopian future featured widely in the motion pictures of your time!  Perhaps those of us from the future who interact with the past can influence enough people to make the transition a peaceful revolution?

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