What Is The Future Of The Internet?

The Future Logs Of A 33rd Century Galaxy Fleet Admiral

Future InternetThe internet of the future grows faster.  By the 22nd century accessing a common webpage with text, photos, flash, etc. will be just like browsing webpages on your person intranet, or accessing files on your computer.  Assuming you have a decent computer.  Also by the 22nd century the virtual reality internet, aka Virtualnet, will become mainstream.  The advent of realistic virtual reality exists by the mid 21st century, and it’s next natural extension is the internet.  With this technology people can interact with other people via avatars that can look just like them, or who ever they please.  However some laws come into play to prevent impersonations.  By the 2120’s most websites have transferred over to a virtual reality format.  However people still like to just read something quick rather than putting their VR gear on.  Usually a full body suit for complete tactile sensation, goggles, headphones, nostril module for scents, and even a mouth piece to experience tasting things. So a site like Wikipedia could just appear as it is now except in the early 22nd century most everyone has holographic monitors.  A small projector that creates a 360 degree view of whatever is being accessed.  Of course there are also holographic projection rooms which replaced the television by the late 21st century.  Basically holo projectors turn an entire room into another environment with which you can interact.  Later there were holo cubes.  Separate chambers in which to partake of virtual activities without VR gear.  By the 23rd century there are safe brain interfaces to access the VR internet without any physical gear.  At first you needed a physical brain implant but by the 24th it wasn’t necessary.

The Virtualnet makes sites like ebay, or amazon into real stores where you can walk within as if it’s a shopping mall.  There are search modules to skip instantly to where you want to go.  The most popular sites from the beginning of the Virtualnet and up until my time in the 33rd century are role playing games.  Sites where you can enter any fantasy world, and be any character you so choose.  With this technology anyone was able to travel to anywhere in the world virtually so there was no need for the trouble, or expense of actual travel.  Even with instant teleportation in the 33rd century people still travel to long distance planets, star systems, galaxies, and galactic superclusters.  In my time it’s now called the Intergalactic Holonet as in holographic internet.  Most of us call it the IH for short.  In the 33rd century the Holonet travels completely wireless through wormhole tunnels through 5-D space allowing for instant communications across the many galaxies where countless humans, aliens, sentient androids, and hybrids live.  Someone on Earth could easily speak to someone in the Andromeda Galaxy in a simulated environment in real time.  Of course they could also get aboard an intergalactic vessel, and travel there within minutes.  Before the wormhole communication network there was FTL (Faster Than Light) communications.  However there were issues with messages being sent to the past so it was outlawed.

For those of you that have lived through the frustrations of the past internet just know that the future is extremely bright, and that the internet will become a large part of everyone’s life.  An indispensable communications, and education tool that will pave the way to the utopian society of the 33rd century, and beyond!

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