Could Humanity Have Flown To The Stars In The 21st Century?

The Future Logs Of A 33rd Century Galaxy Fleet Admiral

Star TravelThe answer is a definite yes!  If not for superstitious beliefs, archaic religions, illogical wars, and oppressive royal regimes of tyranny, humanity could have flourished in a technological utopia.  The main culprits in the holding back of humanity from it’s destiny of ascending to higher dimensional Godhood are mainly the governments since the dawn of civilization along with the religions rolling in a close second.  Although the governments did utilize religions as control mechanisms over the populaces they enslaved for most of human history in one form or another.  All the oppression coupled with the wealthy elites taking all the resources for themselves kept humankind primitive for countless centuries.

This tyranny continued through the 21st century in much more deceptive forms as the Utopian Cityplutocratic elites desperately tried to keep their power, and wealth while beating down the populace they have such disdain for.  If only any one of countless revolutions over human history had resulted in a real lasting government of the people then humans would have sky rocketed to a modern civilization.  That’s why we saw such amazing exponential inventive advances in the 19th, and 20th centuries.  Freedom was at it’s most maximum in human history with the United States being the epicenter of innovation due to the freedom, peace, and stability provided by a real government of the people.  Providing it by merely backing off, and letting people live as they see fit.  Of course even more astronomical advances could have been seen by the 21st century but the darkness of slow creeping tyranny pressed forth as it always does.

If not for plutocratic royal elites, their governments, their religions, and later their corporations pressing their foot down on the general populace for all of history then we estimate that the technological equivalent of the 1980’s would have been seen sometime in the first century AD.  By the actual 1980’s we should have not only been traveling to the stars of the Milky Way but venturing out into intergalactic space.  In my current time of the 33rd century we should have been traveling among the Galactic Superclusters if not the Galactic Filaments.  We would definitely be within a 1000 years of attaining higher dimensional Godhood.  Had a true global revolution not occurred in the 21st century I would not being writing you via this temporal communications network today.  Maybe at the most there would be localized interstellar travel but that’s even a stretch considering most of the populace would have been wiped out if the top plutocrat billionaires had their way!  It took thousands of years but humanity finally dropped the same old deceptive wealthy elites with special royal power playing governments off each other along with silly religions.  Eventually humanity began working together for a common goal of peace, and prosperity for the future!  Thanks to that I have the privilege of living on a paradise Utopian Earth of peace!

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