Could Humanity Have Flown To The Stars In The 21st Century?

Star TravelThe answer is a definite yes!  If not for superstitious beliefs, archaic religions, illogical wars, and oppressive royal regimes of tyranny, humanity could have flourished in a technological utopia.  The main culprits in the holding back of humanity from it’s destiny of ascending to higher dimensional Godhood are mainly the governments since the dawn of civilization along with the religions rolling in a close second.  Although the governments did utilize religions as control mechanisms over the populaces they enslaved for most of human history in one form or another.  All the oppression coupled with the wealthy elites taking all the resources for themselves kept humankind primitive for countless centuries.

This tyranny continued through the 21st century in much more deceptive forms as the Utopian Cityplutocratic elites desperately tried to keep their power, and wealth while beating down the populace they have such disdain for.  If only any one of countless revolutions over human history had resulted in a real lasting government of the people then humans would have sky rocketed to a modern civilization.  That’s why we saw such amazing exponential inventive advances in the 19th, and 20th centuries.  Freedom was at it’s most maximum in human history with the United States being the epicenter of innovation due to the freedom, peace, and stability provided by a real government of the people.  Providing it by merely backing off, and letting people live as they see fit.  Of course even more astronomical advances could have been seen by the 21st century but the darkness of slow creeping tyranny pressed forth as it always does.

If not for plutocratic royal elites, their governments, their religions, and later their corporations pressing their foot down on the general populace for all of history then we estimate that the technological equivalent of the 1980’s would have been seen sometime in the first century AD.  By the actual 1980’s we should have not only been traveling to the stars of the Milky Way but venturing out into intergalactic space.  In my current time of the 33rd century we should have been traveling among the Galactic Superclusters if not the Galactic Filaments.  We would definitely be within a 1000 years of attaining higher dimensional Godhood.  Had a true global revolution not occurred in the 21st century I would not being writing you via this temporal communications network today.  Maybe at the most there would be localized interstellar travel but that’s even a stretch considering most of the populace would have been wiped out if the top plutocrat billionaires had their way!  It took thousands of years but humanity finally dropped the same old deceptive wealthy elites with special royal power playing governments off each other along with silly religions.  Eventually humanity began working together for a common goal of peace, and prosperity for the future!  Thanks to that I have the privilege of living on a paradise Utopian Earth of peace!

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What Is Venus Like In The Future?

Future Terraforming Of Venus.  Do People Live on Venus In The 33rd Century

Venus 33rd CenturyWith the completion of the Mars Terraforming Project in the early 25th century the much more difficult task of terraforming Venus began.  A project projected to take at least 1000 years to complete with technology at the time.  Further advances in technology along the way allowed Venus to become a human habitable planet by the mid 28th century.  This was no small feat considering Venus was an oven hot hell planet with an average temperature over 800 degrees Fahrenheit.   It also featured violent storms, bone crushing pressure, and an atmosphere of carbon, and sulfur dioxide that produces sulfuric acid rains.  Venus, the hottest planet in our solar system due to the close proximity of the sun, and a thick atmosphere, was a dry rocky acidic desert laden with volcanic activity.

In the 33rd century Venus is no longer the hell planet but the paradise planet that features vast tropical rainforest like regions of lush vegetation along with warm beach lined oceans under partly cloudy skies.  Although fully cloudy skies are common mid-day as they are manufactured by advanced weather control systems to help reflect the sun.  At night skies are almost completely freed of cloud cover to allow excess heat to escape into space.  This allows for beautiful viewing of the stars, and other celestial sights.  Thankfully it does not rain all the time like a rainforest.

The tropical zones are located around most of the planet except for a zone at the Equator that is all desolate desert too hot to support life.  The north, and south poles are sub-tropical regions akin to Florida’s summer temperatures, flora, and fauna.  That is why the poles are the top vacation resort regions where temperatures rarely fall below 70 degrees Fahrenheit at night, and are usually at least well above 85 by day.  There are no temperate, or frigid zones of snow.  Although snow does take place higher in the atmosphere where it’s cooler.  There are no seasons due to no significant axis tilt.  Just perpetual tropical summer with variations in rain.  Thunderstorms are suppressed by global weather control technologies.  Only light to moderate rains fall in inhabited areas of Venus.

Terraforming Venus involved the monumental task of removing a great deal of the dense Tropical Venusatmosphere including the toxic sulfurs, and cooling the surface while introducing oxygen, and water.  Weather control grids already used on Earth, and Mars had a huge hand in this effort.  In addition the planets rotation was increased substantially to eliminate the long day, and night that lasted 243 Earth days.  Now a day on Venus is 36 hours in length.  A magnetic field was also generated to protect the surface from solar, and cosmic radiation as is the case on Earth.  Once these tasks were completed the planet was rapidly seeded with plant, and animal life from Earth. Many of which were genetically engineered so they were more suited to life on Venus.  Plant growth was sped along courtesy of quadrillions of microscopic nanobots, genetically engineered bacteria, microbes, and tiny cellular constructing cyborgs.  These elements also helped in cloning animals for quick spreading about the planet.

Venus has four contents along with a plethora of tropical islands but most of the surface is now composed of vast oceans that are the dreams of boating, and sailing enthusiasts everywhere.  Yes people still enjoy taking to the high seas in the 33rd century for sport, and recreation.  The four Venusian continents are called:

  1. Ishtar
  2. Aphrodite
  3. Hathor
  4. Kamadeva

All named after love gods, and goddesses From Earth mythology in keeping with the name of Venus itself.  There are also a number of villages, towns, and cities on Venus including the Capital called Cupid City located on the Continent of Aphrodite.  Most of the communities, including Cupid City, are on ocean shores for maximum vacation value.  People from all around the Milky Way Galaxy, and beyond come to visit Venus, and unique climate regional, and historical variety of Earth.

By the 33rd century no longer is Earth the only place to live in our Solar System.  We consider Earth the iridescent kaleidoscope of the planets with all it’s varied climate zones, and biomes.  Venus is the tropical planet while Mars is the temperate planet.  Europa is the Arctic Moon with our own Moon being the home of several dome cities each having a unique habitat all it’s own.  Beyond our own star, and galaxy system many planets have been found flourishing with life along with humanity terraforming throughout the galaxies as well.  Worries of Earth’s over population never came to pass since humanity acquired the ability to live off world at the right moment in history!

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Whose The Main Enemy Of Humanity In The 33rd Century?

Andromeda CitizenThe Andromeda Empire, a high tech monarchy, is considered our biggest adversary in populating, and exploring the Virgo Supercluster.  Unfortunately their Andromeda Galaxy is right next door to our Milky Way Galaxy, Capital Of The United Galaxies Of Virgo.  Adromedians are a large genetically engineered humanoid race of 8 feet tall with suspicious Nordic features that include blond hair, blazing blue eye, and fair skin.  It’s suspicious because they look too much like humans which is odd for a species that supposedly originated in another galaxy.  Their origins are also shrouded in mystery.  They are a deeply racist people who look to conquer other planets, and then either exterminate, or genetically engineer all humanoid species to appear as they do.  Despite their beautiful appearances most, especially in their government, seem to be quite evil in nature from our viewpoint but many simply believe that they are cleansing the Universe, and bringing order from chaos.

What’s even more suspicious is that they actually call their galaxy Andromeda which is the human name for it.  They also worship the Goddess Andromeda, but deny she’s related to Earth’s Greek Goddess.  The royal family of the Andromeda Empire, ruled by an Emperor, and Empress, believe they are descended from the Goddess Andromeda.  They explain their amazing appearances along with psychic, and telekinetic powers, as inherited gifts from the Goddess rather than genetic engineering.  They are a deeply territorial, and vicious species who are constantly challenging us for control of the Local Galactic Group.

Another adversary we face are the Cyborg Conglomerate which is a race of Corporatist Cyborgs who run their entire government like a mindless corporation that is hell bent on confiscating all the resources of the Virgo Supercluster, and outfitting all sentient beings with their cybernetic implants to act as slave workers in their corporate hell.  Their history seems to suggest that a company like our Microsoft grew too powerful, and the Artificial Intelligence they created got out of control.  Their government refuses to negotiate with us, and is always attacking at will.  Rumors indicate there may be a diabolical CEO, and board of directors who actually run everything.

An even greater potential threat lies beyond our own Supercluster in the Hydra-Centaurus Supercluster.  A race of terrifying 9 foot tall monstrous looking beings who seem to be humanoids who are part mechanical, plant, and ferocious animal as well.  We theorize they are the product of major genetic engineering experimentation to the extreme. They have recently been making incursions into the Virgo Supercluster which we take as a prelude to an invasion.  We have been able to hold our own with other extraterrestrials but the technology of these as yet unnamed species is quite a bit greater than ours.

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How Are People Elected To Public Office In The Future?

Paper Ballot Voting The Future Of Elections In The 33rd Century

The great wars for global independence of the 21st century were about citizens in all nations realizing that their elected officials never represented them but rather the plutocratic elites, and their global banks, and multinational corporations.   One method of these corrupt cronies staying power was election fraud through electronic voting.  Any type of electronic digital voting can never be safe because there will always be a hacking wizard to corrupt it.  So despite the amazing technological advances we have over 1000 years later in the 33rd century we vote using one of the oldest methods known to humankind.  Simple paper ballots placed in a box, and counted by hand at the local level.  It sounds ridiculously archaic but we learned the hard way that it’s a necessity if we are to elect real representatives of the citizens who reside within the United Galaxies Of Virgo.  It is a daunting task when you’re talking about electing officials at the national level, which in our case consists of countless planets, star systems, and galaxies, which in turn represent many trillions of people.  Luckily election times are turned into parties of a sort where a great deal of citizens volunteer to count the ballots.  There are also many forms of verification along the way up to the national tally.

In addition we have no political parties in the future.  Only independent citizens are elected.  Also without a monetary system it’s pretty difficult to bribe someone, or commit insider trading to build ones wealth so politicians stay loyal to the citizens who elected them.  There’s simply nothing to gain, and everything to loose by committing the treason’s against Constitutions, and citizens seen in the centuries previous to the 22nd.  Any citizen can enter their name into a volunteer pool from which random candidates for political office are chosen.  From there debates, media interviews, and public speeches weed out the favorites though polling provided by the independent media which can include common citizens as well.  All public servants at all levels of government serve extremely short terms which usually average 1 year in length.  Non-elected administrative positions in government are rotated with fresh people on a regular basis to prevent any type of dictatorial shadow government from forming.  We have no career politicians.  Although you can serve once on each level of government.  Theoretically a person can start out as Mayor of a community, and work their way up to President Of The United Galaxies Of Virgo.  However that would hardly cover a lifetime career.   Citizens in our time are volunteering for public service for a short time, and then they return to their real jobs.

I feel bad you have yet to get through the revolutionary turmoil, and massive wars you will face in the 21st century.  Just know that you will make it to the end of the ultimate rainbow where peace,  and prosperity reside.  Your sacrifices will result in an unprecedented utopian future where Earth is a paradise, and humanity populates the galaxies.  Don’t let your corrupted politicians sell you down the road to the standard dystopian future featured widely in the motion pictures of your time!  Perhaps those of us from the future who interact with the past can influence enough people to make the transition a peaceful revolution?

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What Is The Future Of The Internet?

Future InternetThe internet of the future grows faster.  By the 22nd century accessing a common webpage with text, photos, flash, etc. will be just like browsing webpages on your person intranet, or accessing files on your computer.  Assuming you have a decent computer.  Also by the 22nd century the virtual reality internet, aka Virtualnet, will become mainstream.  The advent of realistic virtual reality exists by the mid 21st century, and it’s next natural extension is the internet.  With this technology people can interact with other people via avatars that can look just like them, or who ever they please.  However some laws come into play to prevent impersonations.  By the 2120’s most websites have transferred over to a virtual reality format.  However people still like to just read something quick rather than putting their VR gear on.  Usually a full body suit for complete tactile sensation, goggles, headphones, nostril module for scents, and even a mouth piece to experience tasting things. So a site like Wikipedia could just appear as it is now except in the early 22nd century most everyone has holographic monitors.  A small projector that creates a 360 degree view of whatever is being accessed.  Of course there are also holographic projection rooms which replaced the television by the late 21st century.  Basically holo projectors turn an entire room into another environment with which you can interact.  Later there were holo cubes.  Separate chambers in which to partake of virtual activities without VR gear.  By the 23rd century there are safe brain interfaces to access the VR internet without any physical gear.  At first you needed a physical brain implant but by the 24th it wasn’t necessary.

The Virtualnet makes sites like ebay, or amazon into real stores where you can walk within as if it’s a shopping mall.  There are search modules to skip instantly to where you want to go.  The most popular sites from the beginning of the Virtualnet and up until my time in the 33rd century are role playing games.  Sites where you can enter any fantasy world, and be any character you so choose.  With this technology anyone was able to travel to anywhere in the world virtually so there was no need for the trouble, or expense of actual travel.  Even with instant teleportation in the 33rd century people still travel to long distance planets, star systems, galaxies, and galactic superclusters.  In my time it’s now called the Intergalactic Holonet as in holographic internet.  Most of us call it the IH for short.  In the 33rd century the Holonet travels completely wireless through wormhole tunnels through 5-D space allowing for instant communications across the many galaxies where countless humans, aliens, sentient androids, and hybrids live.  Someone on Earth could easily speak to someone in the Andromeda Galaxy in a simulated environment in real time.  Of course they could also get aboard an intergalactic vessel, and travel there within minutes.  Before the wormhole communication network there was FTL (Faster Than Light) communications.  However there were issues with messages being sent to the past so it was outlawed.

For those of you that have lived through the frustrations of the past internet just know that the future is extremely bright, and that the internet will become a large part of everyone’s life.  An indispensable communications, and education tool that will pave the way to the utopian society of the 33rd century, and beyond!

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