The Future Logs Of A 33rd Century Galaxy Fleet Admiral

Could Humanity Have Flown To The Stars In The 21st Century?

The answer is a definite yes!  If not for superstitious beliefs, archaic religions, illogical wars, and oppressive royal regimes of tyranny, humanity could have flourished in a technological utopia.  The main culprits in the holding back of humanity from it’s destiny of ascending to higher dimensional Godhood are mainly the governments since the dawn of…
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What Is Venus Like In The Future?

Future Terraforming Of Venus.  Do People Live on Venus In The 33rd Century With the completion of the Mars Terraforming Project in the early 25th century the much more difficult task of terraforming Venus began.  A project projected to take at least 1000 years to complete with technology at the time.  Further advances in technology…
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Whose The Main Enemy Of Humanity In The 33rd Century?

The Andromeda Empire, a high tech monarchy, is considered our biggest adversary in populating, and exploring the Virgo Supercluster.  Unfortunately their Andromeda Galaxy is right next door to our Milky Way Galaxy, Capital Of The United Galaxies Of Virgo.  Adromedians are a large genetically engineered humanoid race of 8 feet tall with suspicious Nordic features…
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How Are People Elected To Public Office In The Future?

The Future Of Elections In The 33rd Century The great wars for global independence of the 21st century were about citizens in all nations realizing that their elected officials never represented them but rather the plutocratic elites, and their global banks, and multinational corporations.   One method of these corrupt cronies staying power was election fraud…
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What Is The Future Of The Internet?

The internet of the future grows faster.  By the 22nd century accessing a common webpage with text, photos, flash, etc. will be just like browsing webpages on your person intranet, or accessing files on your computer.  Assuming you have a decent computer.  Also by the 22nd century the virtual reality internet, aka Virtualnet, will become…
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