The Future Logs Of A 33rd Century Galaxy Fleet Admiral

Future Government – June 17, 3210

The United Galaxies Of Virgo is basically a Municipalist Constitutional Republic, aka a form of representative democracy, although one of the governmental branches is a direct democracy counting votes over the galactic internet. The municipalist portion meaning that the local governments have the power but ultimately the real power lies in the hands of the sovereign citizen. …
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Future Economy – June 17, 3210

By the 33rd century, there’s basically no economy as you know it within our United Galaxies Of Virgo.  Advanced technology, suppressed for centuries, by the wealthy elite, made money and even precious metals obsolete.   In fact, the last world war on Earth was the fight of the common man against the Plutocratic–Corporatocratic forces who secretly controlled the…
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Welcome To My Admirals Galaxy Fleet Blog

I’m Admiral Powers commander of the UGS Earth which is the flagship of the First Fleet of Galaxy Fleet. Galaxy Fleet is the military, exploratory, research, scientific, diplomatic, and transport force of the United Galaxies Of Virgo (UGV) which are a confederation of galaxies within the Virgo SuperCluster. My log entries are backed-up here in…
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