The Future Logs Of A 33rd Century Galaxy Fleet Admiral

Future Health Of Humans In The 33rd Century

By the 33rd century humans are highly evolved beings through genetic engineering.  In breeding with sentient androids, and aliens has just begun in the last few centuries.  However most of us look the same as you do in the 21st except for the fact that we’re all in excellent physical shape with men displaying prominent…
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Future Homes

Most homes on 33rd century Earth are holographic in construction.   Through the use of light and energy fields we can project a house onto a piece of land.  Simple furniture and other items within the home are also usually holographic.  Only various pieces of technology and antiques are real.  Holographic projects are cloaked by an…
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Future Artificial Intelligence & Androids – June 29, 3210

In the 33rd century most computers are artificially intelligent and converse with their operators.  In fact a persons computer is usually considered a member of the family similar to a dog or cat is.  Systems are so complex that most eventually develop interests and personalities of their own.  Some eventually become self-aware.  At that time…
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World War III – The War For Global Independence

Here in the 33rd century, we know that the 21st century saw the last world war on Earth. It’s now known as World War III or The War For Global Independence. The war of humankind vs the globalist plutocratic elites, and their imperial corporatist minions. It was gradually revealed to the masses on Earth that…
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Future Clothing – June 21, 3210

In the 33rd century, we primarily wear holographic clothing.   In other words, we can be technically naked.  Bathed in a safe energy field of pure projected photons, aka light.  The energy field can make parts of the hologram or all of it solid to touch for support and protection.  The fully powered energy field has the ability…
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